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Estilo veggie

Sourdough ciabatta, chickpea and quinoa medallion, arugula, tomato, oregano and vegaoliva.





Pink salmon burger, nero di seppia bread, arugula, basil mayonnaise, candied tomatoes and avocado.





Classic bread, double meat medallion, pickles, bacon, and aioli dressing.


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About us!

Burgerquiz was created by a group of friends united by the passion for burgers. We have allways loved trying new flavours and styles.

After several years of searching, each of us is proud to say that we have finally found our half-burger. Now we want that the rest of the burger lovers around the world find their half burger too and enjoy this special feeling.

Foto Doro

Isidoro Aros

I like to hang out with friends and going on a walk with my dogs. My favourite hamburger is Salmon burger.

Foto Juli

Julieta Visser

I like Nintendo games and horror films. My perfect burger is Génesis.

Foto Javo

Javier Rodriguez

I'm a degree student. I like mate with cold pizza. My favourite hamburger is Cheextreme Monstrosity.

Foto Kira

Jhonatan Quirama

I like playing videogames, football and basketball. I also like mangoes. My perfect burger is American Voraz.

Foto Tefi

Stefi Tarditi

I cook as a hobby. I also watch a lot of TV series. My half-burger is American Voraz.

Foto Theo

Theo Sanchez P.

I'm a scout and I like playing videogames. My favourite burger is Genesis.